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The Challenge with Managed Switches

For machine builders and automation engineers, monitoring Ethernet switches from a SCADA/HMI offers the ability to react to problems in time to minimize system downtime. However, deploying managed switches often adds unnecessary complexity during both system setup and operation maintenance.

Making a Smarter Switch

Moxa’s super-slim SDS-3008 smart switch is designed to meet these challenges. With its simplified protocol configuration, flexible mounting design, easy-to-use interface, and slim form factor, the SDS-3008 smart switch is the perfect fit for control cabinets in any smart manufacturing application.

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Ethernet Switch Deployment: Common Challenges

  • Cost

    For applications that require only basic monitoring and control functions, it’s not economical for engineers to choose expensive managed switches, which often support too many unneeded functions.

  • Space Limitations

    Engineers work with different types of control cabinets, and each one has space or installation limitations.

  • Complex Configuration

    IT-oriented user interfaces, which are often very complicated and come with a steep learning curve for IA engineers, make it harder to update configurations and handle basic troubleshooting tasks.

Start Using Smart Switches

The Moxa SDS-3008 is perfect for use in machine applications and control cabinets. With our pioneering and intuitive user interface, smart redundancy and traffic control, and support for industrial protocols, this is one switch you don't want to miss.

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