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ABB Drives

ABB's New All-Compatible Drives Series

With the new all-compatible drive series, ABB makes installing and maintaining your VFD's faster and easier than you thought possible.

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Features You'll Love. Solutions You'll Trust

ABB's all-compatible drives are designed to deliver unparalleled ease of use and reliability.

  • Most Reliable VFDs. Ever.

    ABB tests their drives at the factory with full load, so you know your drive will work from the moment you unbox it.

  • Blazing Fast Installation

    With color-coded connection terminals and ABB's Primary Settings menu, you can program an ABB drive in a couple minutes with very little VFD knowledge.

  • Resolve Issues Faster

    Press the Help button on the keypad to identify issues with the drive and get clear instructions on how to resolve the problem.

  • Everything You Need in One Box

    All-compatible drives include an assistant keypad and features like: Direct Torque Control (DTC), safe torque off (STO), EMC filter, swinging choke, PID controller, and Modbus RTU.

  • Drop-in Connectivity for A-B Logix5000

    Reduce your PLC development and commissioning costs with the ABB's pre-defined tag descriptions, data types, and Add-On Instruction.

  • Extended Warranties

    With an ABB Factory Authorized Startup, you can unlock repairs and replacement parts up to two to five (2-5) years after purchasing the drive.

ABB All-Compatible Drive - ACS580

Flexible and Reliable

VFD's from .25 HP to 7500 HP

The ABB low voltage AC drive product portfolio has the widest available power offering from any manufacturer.

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Meet the Family

Learn more about the #1 best-selling low voltage AC drives in the world


The Industrial Workhorse Drive for Any Application

The ACS880 will tackle any motor-driven application, in any industry, whatever your power range. The ACS880 features ABB's industry-leading Direct Torque Control (DTC) technology. Available in standard, regenerative, and ultra-low harmonic packages.

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The Modern Drive for Pump and Fan Projects

The ACS580 bundles everything you need in a single drive for variable torque and light constant torque applications. You'll love its built-in safe torque off (STO), assistant keypad, color-coded wiring terminals, Primary Settings menu, adaptive programming, and native support for Allen-Bradley PLC's.

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The General Purpose Drive for Variable Torque Applications

The ACS550 drive has a long history of successful implementations. With built-in features that make it simple to install, commission, and operate, the ACS550 is one of ABB's most versatile drives. Works best in pump, fan, conveyor, and mixer projects.

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The Machinery Drive for Panel Builders and OEM's

The ACS355 includes built-in safe torque off (STO) functionality and sequence programming, which reduce the need for additional control electronics. The ACS355 delivers a broad capability set and will even handle AC induction and permanent magnet motors.

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The Micro Drive for Low Power Applications

The ACS255 micro drive is an easy-to-use, compact solution for general purpose, low power applications, including mixers, pumps, fans, conveyors. All variants include a built-in Modbus RTU serial communication to provide straightforward integration with control and monitoring systems. Available in IP20 and IP66/NEMA4X enclosures.

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The Budget-Friendly Component Drive

The ACS150 component drive can be incorporated into a wide variety of machines. It includes all necessary functions and interfaces for typical applications with AC induction motors. In addition, the ACS150 offers an extensive range of parameters to help you attain the best performance out of you application.

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The Component Drive for Small Motors

The ACS55 component drive is easily integrated into existing panels to replace contactors and motor starters. Its compact size is ideal for new installations or whenever speed control of AC induction motors is needed. For users new to drives, it is programmed using simple DIP switches and rotary dials.

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