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ABB's Smart Sensor for Motors

The first predictive analytics solution capable of telling you when a motor is going to fail.

The Fitness Band for Your Motor

This credit-card sized sensor mounts easily on the surface of a motor without wiring or machining and monitors the motor during operation.

What Does it Measure?

By pairing IoT sensor technology with ABB's motor expertise, the smart sensor monitors and analyzes your motor:


Modernize Without Replacing Equipment

As the sensor collects data, ABB Ability (ABB's predictive analysis engine) monitors the motor's performance to predict maintenance events.

Join the 4th Industrial Revolution

Let your motor tell you how it can run better.

  • Reduce Downtime by 70%

    Change from periodic to condition-based maintenance and address problems when they appear.

  • Unstoppable Motor Performance

    Lower your incidence of unplanned stoppages via email alerts of abnormal motor conditions

  • Automated Motor Analysis

    Gone are the days of running around the plant with a vibration analyzer. All data is automatically collected by the sensor.

  • 30% Longer Motor Lifespans

    The Smart Sensor's maintenance analysis helps you know when to schedule maintenance so you keep your motor in peak condition.

  • Increase Energy Efficiency

    Actionable insights generated by the smart sensor can help you reduce energy consumption by up to 10%.

  • Work Smarter in the Cloud

    The smart sensor includes a 2-year subscription to ABB's Ability to give you predictive analytics and motor monitoring.

Get 50% Off Your First Smart Sensor

Interested in trying the ABB Smart Sensor? Tell us about your motor, we'll send you a quote for 50% off your first smart sensor solution.